Migrating a CCK Field into the Node Title Field

On a recent migration project I came across an odd error:

Illegal offset type in isset or empty File ...snip...\sites\all\modules\pathauto\pathauto.inc, line 182

I was using Migrate 2.5 to move date from a Drupal 6 project into Drupal 7 and had already migrated several content types without having problems with my pathauto settings.

After digging for a bit, I realized that pathauto was being passed an array for the node title causing problems with checking the cache for a previous calculated pathauto URL. Odd, node titles are always strings. Then I realized that this is the first content type that I was pulling the node title from a CCK text field and Migrate will pass that along as an array (just like all other CCK fields).

The fix is easy enough, add a prepare routine to your migration object such as this:

public function prepare($entity, stdClass $row) {
  // Because the title field is imported from a CCK field, it shows up as an
  // array. Node titles have to be strings.
  if (is_array($entity->title)) {
    $entity->title = $entity->title[0];

And pathauto is happy again!

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