Page Load Impact of Google Analytics

Google provides an amazing, free website analysis product called Analytics, also known as Urchin, the name of the company Google bought to acquire this technology. As with many things Google produces, it does a lot of what you want, how you want and for a price you can't beat. It's obviously aimed squarely at users of their AdWords product. Even so, I've added it to several websites just to do basic analysis, such as unique visitors, entry points, search terms, and so on. But everything has a cost and I wanted to know what the cost of using Google Analytics would be.


(Update: I've started posting my journal entries from this trip in honor of its ten year anniversary.)

In Dec., 1998 I spent four month with some friends touring the southern end of South America — Patagonia — by bicycle. The pace of travel on a bike allows you to spend enough time in an area to connect with it, but still be able to get from point A to point B in decent time.